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Auto Accident Injuries – From Your San Jose Chiropractor

If you are involved in a car accident, there is a strong chance you will sustain some sort of injury. Whiplash, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, seatbelt injuries – there are so many ways to get hurt in an auto accident. Fortunately, as your San Jose chiropractor, we are well-equipped to help you treat your injuries. We offer a variety of treatments that can help you body heal, reduce your pain and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

woman upset after car accident

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Working as a chiropractor in San Jose, we have seen our fair share of auto accident injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:


Our auto accident chiropractor finds that whiplash is the biggest complaint of most auto accident victims. The impact of a car crash typically causes the head to whip around on the neck, which can do quite a bit of damage to the sensitive neck tissues. Discs, nerves, ligaments, tendons, joints – there are numerous parts that can be damaged, leading to pain, loss of mobility and general discomfort.

Back Pain

It is not only the neck that is vulnerable to injury in a car crash. The entire spine can be wrenched in ways that cause damage to the discs, nerves and other sensitive tissues. Back pain from car accidents is common. However, in most cases, we can help to alleviate the pain through proper care from your auto accident chiropractor.

Knee Pain

The jostling that occurs with the extremities can lead to injury, especially in the knees. We can help to realign knees and to relax the muscles around the knees to treat pain and discomfort.

Seatbelt Injuries

Seat belts save lives, but they can also cause pretty serious injuries even when worn correctly. All the force delivered to your body from the belt can lead to bruising and misalignment.

Not All Injuries Are Apparent

Auto accident victims, especially those involved in minor accidents, will often find that they experience no symptoms of injury following the accident. They may decide to just go home and about their daily lives, grateful that they were not hurt in the accident. Unfortunately, injuries from auto accidents can sometimes hide for a while before they become apparent. You may wake up a week later in substantial pain, and it may take a while to realize that it may be related to your earlier accident.

As your chiropractor in Cupertino, we recommend that every auto accident victim get a full exam right after the accident. Through the exam, we can verify that you are in fact OK, and if there are problems, we can start fixing them right away – before they get worse.

How We Can Help – Your Chiropractor in San Jose

Chiropractic care has been proven to help car accident victims reduce their neck pain and regain their quality of life. Through adjustments, massage, spinal decompression and a number of other innovated, non-invasive therapies, your chiropractor in San Jose can make sure you have every opportunity to heal.

Please contact your chiropractor in Cupertino today at 408-260-0222 to schedule your chiropractic appointment. We look forward to meeting you!